The best Aghanim’s Scepters for Supports in Dota 2

Supports with Aghanim: Which one is the best to boost rank in Dota 2?

The next Aghanims are very well for the next heroes, but you may need some situational items before chasing the core item. These heroes are:

  • Abaddon;
  • Ancient Apparition;
  • Elder Titan;
  • Grimstroke;
  • Lion;
  • Shadow Demon;
  • Shadow Shaman;
  • Undying;
  • Warlock;
  • Witch Doctor.

Abaddon – Greatest healer of all times in Dota 2

Aghanim upgrade: Increases duration of the Borrowed Time. All allies, in the range 1600 of Abaddon, that are taking more than 525 damage receive a free Mist Coil.

This situation is very similar to Disruptor’s one, Abaddon will never have gold for this item, but it could turn the whole fight and bring you a victory in those scenarios where everything else seems pointless and useless.

abaddon dota 2

So if you will find some gold for it, it would be an awesome addition to this champion.

Ancient Apparition – Will prevent any healing

Aghanim upgrade: Increases the duration of the Ultimate up to the 17 seconds

In most games where you need to pick Ancient Apparition, you will need this item. It is the ultimate counter tool for any self-healing heroes (Morphling, Alchemist, Dragon Knight and etc.). But if you love to play Single Draft, then you must tell by the game situation and by the enemy’s team composition.

AA dota 2

Another good suggestion that may be good is to pick AA as a mid laner. Many boosters from are picking Apparition, because of his laning strength.

Elder Titan – Nothing will interrupt you

Aghanim upgrade: While Elder Titan is casting echo stomp he became magic immun, and he will receive additional 2 seconds of spell immunity for the each hero he affected with the stomp.

It is hard to underestimate this Aghanim’s Scepter. Elder’s Titan Echo Stomp is the strongest CC spell in Dota 2, that may disable you up to the 5 seconds. So what could be better than the item that is making this spell uninterruptable?

Elder Titan dota 2

Imagine the situation when you hit 25 level, and chose the talent for +500 damage before waking up. With a single stomp, you could win the whole fight, and no one could stop you from casting it.

Grimstroke – Will kill you with your own hands

Aghanim upgrade: Additional spell – Dark Portrait, that creates an illusion of a targetted enemy, which deals 150% damage, have Spell Immunity and taking 350% of incoming physical damage.

With this Aghanim, Grimstroke will become a nightmare for the most agile carries in the Dota 2. 150% of Terrorblade or Morphling could destroy the whole enemy team if he will not be focused fast enough.

Grimstroke dota 2

And never forget that you could use it in your ultimate to create two imbalanced illusions that will carry the whole fight for you.

Lion – The fearsome finger of death

Aghanim upgrade: Increases damage of the Finger of Death, decreases cooldown and causing it hit to all units in a small area.

The best item for Lion that you need to rush as soon as possible, especially if you are playing at a second or a third position. Aghanim Ultimate could be used even as a defensive and outpushing tool to delete a wave of creeps, the cooldown is only 20 seconds at 18 level.

Lion dota 2

The main reason for Lion to rush this item – the Aghanim’s Scepter decreases cooldown, giving you an opportunity to collect more stacks of ultimate to annihilate all supports with one button.

Shadow Demon – The ultimate purge

Aghanim upgrade: Demonic purge gain three charges, each of them replenish every 60 seconds. Also causes Demonic Purge to apply the Break effect (disable enemy’s passives effects).

You need to rush this item if you have an opponent with incredibly strong passives. But even if enemies do not have enough strong passive, Shadow Demon is an extremely good champion who benefits a lot from the Aghanim’s Scepter.

Shadow Demon dota 2

But in most other cases the Aghanim will be a nice choice for Shadow Demon since it is a Black King Bar piercing slow and strong dispell, many heroes will suffer from it, from Wind Ranger to the Phantom Assassin.

Shadow Shaman – The best zoning ultimate

Aghanim upgrade: Serpent Wards have a split shot, each of the ward attacking two targets with the increased attack range.

The ultimate zoning tool. Literally, no one would love to fight in the range of attack of Serpent Wards, so Shadow Shaman could easily claim extremely major map objectives, from Roshan to Barracks.

Shadow Shaman dota 2

Ether Shock will give you a nice chance to farm this item, but you need to rush it only after Aether Lens or Blink Dagger.

Undying – Will soak all your strength

Aghanim upgrade: Increases strength steal from 3 to 10.

The incredibly strong artifact, but the main problem that you could not find enough resources if you playing as pos 4-5 Undying.

undying dota 2

Only Hard Laners could choose the right talents and accumulate enough gold to buy this Scepter, so it is wort only A-tier.

Warlock – Endless stun with two devastating golems

Aghanim upgrade: Casuses Chaotic Offering to summon two golems with slightly reduced strength and bounty. The second golem is summoning with the stun after 0.4 seconds from the first golem.

Massive AoE chain stun, extremely powerful demons that are useful not only in pushing lanes but also in zoning supports from the battlefield.

Warlock dota 2

And never forget about BKB piercing stun, that could be used to win some times for your core mages before they could use spells. Warlock’s best and classical item build.

Witch Doctor – The true potential of Death Ward

Aghanim upgrade: Death Ward attacks never miss and bounce between multiple enemies.

Awesome destruction tool, especially if enemies do not have enough of CC abilitites. This ward will win any teamfight, even if you will hold it just for 3-4 seconds.

Witch Doctor dota 2

But remember that you need other artifacts like Glimmer’s cape or BKB to open the full potential of Witch Doctor ultimate ability.