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Lucio is Iron Man now

Even when you’re a fan-favorite Overwatch enthusiast, sometimes you would like to fill some larger superhero boots maybe even boots. Jonny Cruz, voice performer for service music and hero celebrity Lúcio, must get a fast jog as the one and only Iron Man through a meeting.

On the series, Paulsen invites additional voice actors to discuss their adventures and make wild scenes with their abilities.

In a recent installment, Paulsen allows Cruz browse through a stunning scene between Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Iron Man, also called Tony Stark. Cruz decides to read Stark’s traces as Lúcio, and Paulsen goes together with all the high-pitched voice of Carl out of Jimmy Neutron to depict Parker.

Overwatch Lucio Iron Man

The outcome is a really odd interaction.

Hearing Lúcio’s positive, upbeat musical voice preserved during a whole serious scene about betrayal is both a humorous and slightly-terrifying point to behold. Paulsen fractures a couple of occasions and remarks on how much a”badass” Cruz is attempting to be.

Could this be an indication of a future striking turn for Lúcio? Just how much both voice actors devolve into bliss from the end of the scene, that appears suspicious.

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