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League of Legends: Elo and how to rise it

Welcome to the, today i will tell you about basics of League Of Legends rating games. If you ever wonder how enemies have such advantage in exp points or gold, then read this article. I hope it will really help you.

League of Legends

How to boost your Elo Rank

Every second in game, when you do not farm gold or experience, you decrease your winning chances.

Lets inspect mechanic of this game, and understand how continuously farm of exp and gold can increase your chances of victory. We will analyze all that we know about League of Legends mechanics, and what gives a great advantage to your team and brings victory later.

League of Legends ELO

For the most League – is a game, in which you can easily play, but in fact you need a really hard work, day by day, to rise your Elo rank. Perhaps, you already read some guides in the internet, follow professional meta in the game, but for this article i decided to start from very beginning.

Lets learn inner mechanic of this game, and this will help up to increase our winrate in every match. And even more, when you truly understand logic of League of Legends and get a true competition spirit, you can use it in any other game. So let’s over with beginning, and go straight to the numbers.

Minions, or how i started to love gold.

Let’s begin with a simple fact: It is possible to destroy an enemy’s Nexus without killing any champion.

LoL Minion

And this is the main reason why most of the players play in “safe mode“. Most of the Pro-Gamers know one simple fact. The best place in the game – near the minions, and optimal task – to earn money from these minions. Exceptions are only additional tasks, as Baron or Elemental Dragon. So what logic hidden behind all of this?

This table will help to understand the reward, that you can earn for the laning stage, of just for one lashit (hit when you kill minion / champion and you receive gold from it) up to 20 minute of the game. Typical match in League of Legends at 20 minutes point goes from Early game to the stage of the Mid game. And accomplishment of additional tasks (like baron and elemental dragon) goes in the front plan.

Researches show that at lining stage you should priority melee minions instead of casters, because this way you will get more gold. Despite the fact that these 2 kinds of minions are upgraded with the same speed, melee minions will bring you 22 gold, while caster – 18 gold. Siege minions will give even more gold – 27, and more – gold for each siege minion upgraded with each cycle – 1 gold per cycle.

League of Legends Minions

Player with ideal CS (creep score – number of killed minions) earn almost 5000 gold by 20 minute. And it is a really big bag of money, for example you can buy a Trinity Force and some mid-game artifact. And the exp you will earn at this way will be enough to achive 15 level (14000 of exp point for solo line). Duo lining will decrease number of exp point to 55% and bring only 7500 of exp that equivalents to 11 level.

This is reward for a sitting on line and killing minions. And now let’s look on other ways of gold and experience earning.

Frags, or what gankers hiding.

When i learning system of “Kills” and “Assists”, that used in League of Legends, i understand that champion that make elimination (kill an enemy champion) will be rewarded with 300 gold.

If champion killed, then reward for him decreased by 9% after 1st death and for 21% for each new death, with the lowers plank – 52 gold.

As soon as champion with a death streak perform a kill, reward for his head will go back to 300 gold.

And that system works in back way. The more you kill, the more will be reward for your head. With each sucsessful kill reward for your elimination will be increased by 10%, until it reach 500 gold.

So i create a little table:

  • 1 kill – 300 gold
  • 2 kill – 330 gold
  • 3 kill – 363 gold (Killing spree)
  • 4 kill – 399 gold (Rampage)
  • 5 kill – 439 gold (Unstoppable)
  • 6 kill – 483 gold (Dominating)
  • 7 kill – 500 gold (Godlike)
  • 8+ kill – 500 gold (Legendary)

And another one:

  • 1 death – 300 gold
  • 2 death – 273 gold
  • 3 death – 216 gold
  • 4 death – 170 gold
  • 5 death – 135 gold
  • 6 death – 106 gold
  • 7 death – 84 gold
  • 8 death – 66 gold
  • 9 death – 52 gold

But do not forget that player who did kill get a full reward, while other possible assistants share additional reward that is 58.33% of elimination reward. If a victim has a killing spree than assistants share 70% of bonus gold reward.

A little example for those who do not understand:

Le Blanc stay in middle against Cassiopeia. Le Blanc have a killing spree and reward for her head is 500 gold, then Cassiopeia call Rammus to help her. Together they kill Le Blanc, and Cassiopeia done a lasthit and get a full reward – 500 gold, while Ramus get an assist and 58.33% of standart reward (300 gold) = 175 gold, plus 70% from bonus gold (200 gold) = 140 gold, then in sum Rammus was rewarded with 315 gold.

And now, i hope, you will understand how importants are assists are for team.

Another example for a more deeply understanding:

From blue team at bottom line stay Tristana and Sona, and their opponents from a purple team – Sivir and Taric. Until 3rd minute nothing happens, a then Taric go out the lane to place wards. Tristana and Sona immediately attacks Sivir, but Sivir have a perfect micro, and she done firstblood (first kill in game) on Sona for 300 gold (this is a rewarf for firstblood).

LoL Gank

Tristana then kill Sivir and receive 330 gold for kill, and Sona get ger 58.33% from 300 gold (175 gold) plus 70% from 30 gold bonus (21 gold) = 196 gold. Sivir thinks that all went perfect, because she made Firstblood 1 vs 2, but she did not understand that blue team earned 496 gold, and this is 96 gold more than purple.

You may say that Sivir was rewarded with a bigger bag of gold then Tristana, but do not forget that Sivir is dead. Tristana is alive and probably with almost full hp, because Sivir focused on Sona. And due to this, Tristana can do 2 important things: Firstly, she can farm minions for 1 minute, and if she could do most lasthits she will be rewarded with 140 gold and 300 exp points. Secondly,  she can push the line to the enemy’s tower (usually minions fight somewhere between towers, but you can push one of the lines to attack enemy’s tower). And if you done it well, then opposite tower will kill all blue minions, while Sivir is dead or run back on the line, and this little trick will deprive her from farm.

Even on the early stage of the game this is a huge gap between commands. Now purple team must play more safely, just because they make mistake in the beginning of this game.

During the game reward for minions is increasing, as a penalty for death aswell, so you do not want to die randomly, because you will lose a good chunk of gold and experience.


Well, enemies elimination, despite the high risk, bring great reward, but the cost of a failure is also very high.

League of Legends – game where brain wins, not the fingers. That mean that safe game play, focused on secured farm and objective completion is highly recommended for a rating games. By this way you increase your power almost without risk.

This is just a tip of an iceberg, and more than 90% of information that you need to win most of your rating games is lies below so stay with us for more guides like this. If you step on this road then you must know that this is a hard way, but reward is totally worth it. But if you did not have time for all of these, there is a easier way. And i will tell you about it.

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Boosteria lol players

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Stay with us for some more interesting articles about Moba games.

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HotS: Combinations of Heroes

Hello and welcome to the Moba Fans! Today we will analyze powerful combinations of heroes from the free rotation.

Combinations of Free heroes in Heroes of the Storm

Gul’dan + ETC

Today we look at a normal bundle with the ETC and additional damage dealer. ETC-tank with a bunch of great control and great potential of teamwork during the game events. Gul’dan – is a good burst DPS with a high survival rate, allowing you to live a long life even under the most demanding batch. Great bunch, allowing them to combine their Ultimate, and opening up many other possibilities. For example, control on the line with full mobility and availability of the necessary damage. Map is not important.

Illidan + Li Li


Illidan and Li Li – is not just a two heroes for a quick game. This – the best combination of “killer + healing” in the game, and I’ll explain why: Illidan itself has a lot of hp and has no control. He also has the ability to exit from difficult situations (when Q and W can be considered as such), so it will be easy to survive and provide the necessary damage as a solo player. Li Li is perfect for him, because she can heal himm all the time. Illidan is often targeted first and all burst-damage is going in him with which ussuals healer sometimes can not have the time to handle, it is impossible to say about Li Li – with the help of Ultimate + Q-skill she heal him for maximum health. This helps to longer stay in the team battle, and quietly kill enemy heroes. It is also worth mentioning the magnificent E-skill of Li Li – Breeze – which will save from autoattacks. These characters complete each other like Yin and Yang.

ETC + Zagara + Li Li

Interesting combo, with good damage and combining of Ultimates.

The main use – is the ability to control fights with ETC, do damage with the help of Li Li’s ult and deal damage with Zagara.

On the lining stage it is better to cooperate Zagara with Li Li, ETC can go anywhere alone. but in team fights they need to be together. Initiate also possible, but only when you all together.

 Sonya + Tracer


This bunch is good with theirs Ultimates, and in general. Quick Tracer and Sonia dynamically initiate fights, quickly breaking face of opponents. The basic essence – a distraction from Sonya and damage from Tracer, since the latter is quite vulnerable. This bundle can work, in addition to conventional fights, and through their Ultimates. Clamping opponents to the ground by Sonya, makes it possible to arrange Tracer fire and throw her mine at a given point, using a maximum profite from Ult.

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