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Little Legends: detailed info about Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics – the new word in Auto Battlers

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is the new game mode for the most popular game – League of Legends, in the genre of the Auto Battler. Here I will explain why everyone goes mad of this game so much, that created 12 hours-long queues in the PBE server. With the releasing of the ranked games the interest in the TFT boosting increased dramatically, so if you are looking for some, then I highly suggest next resource:,

Teamfight Tactics lol

Right now this game is released as a game mode, that is launching by the LoL client. There are no restrictions by the account’s level, so you could create an account especially for the TFT. That approach significantly decreased the development time, but do not give any possibilities for the mobile version.

In general, this game is extremely easy and interesting, but you will see that only after dozens of loss. And who love loses? So here I will tell you the basics that will decrease the learning curve so everyone could easily start play in this game.

Little Legends

Teamfight Tactics have seven player’s avatars, so-called Little Legends:

  • Water Sprite
  • Featherknight
  • Runespirit
  • Molediver
  • Haunting
  • Furyhorn
  • Silvering

TFT little legends

Everyone, except Water Spirit, has 6 various skins, and each of them has three progression levels. However, they are achievable only through the donations, so it is the only thing you may spend real money on. I assume that later other ways of achieving these skins will appear, but I can be wrong. Little Legend is used in the Draft (carousel) rounds, to open special Pirate chest and to show various emotions to trigger enemies.

Champions in TFT

One of the most interesting parts in League of Legends – is a great variety of champions in the game. More than 145 of them! And it is impossible to transfer all of them from the LoL to the TFT. So right now Teamfight Tactics have a roster of 50 champions. Recently Riot Games announced another champion that will be added to the game – Twisted Fate. The main goal of developers is to increase the champion pool up to the 60, adding one champion every two weeks, and then they will slow down.

Right now Champions in Teamfight Tactics has the next attributes:

  • Tier. All champions are divided into 5 categories: common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (violet), and legendary (orange). Various tiers have various cost from one to five coins.
  • Class. Ten various classes that could give synergy bonuses. Classes have interesting mechanics, for example, Sorcerers receive x2 mana per attack, and Assassins jump in the rare of an enemy.
  • Origin. 13 Origins that also give synergy bonuses. Origins are taken directly from LoL lore, so they are equal to the fractions of Runeterra. Noble – Demacia, Imperial – Noxus, etc.

Every champion is counted only once, and his duplicate will not be counted in calculations for the synergies bonus. But gathering duplicates is necessary to increase the level of a unit. Gather three one-star units and they will be upgraded into one two-star. The same rule is using for the three-star unit (3 two-star units are upgraded into one three-star).

TFT champions

The champion upgrade increases the next characteristics:

  • Health. When this indicator reaches zero, a champion leaves the battlefield.
  • Auto Attacks. Basic attacks that deal physical damage.
  • Attack speed. The number of attacks per second.
  • Attack Range. In TFT it calculated in Hexes.
  • Critical Chance. Chance to deal an additional 50% of physical damage. The base chance is 25%.
  • Armor. Decreases physical damage.
  • Magic resistance. Decreases magical damage.
  • Abilities. The skill used by a champion when he reaches 100 mana.
  • Mana. Champions are getting mana by dealing or receiving damage.

Most of the champions are fighting with the basic attacks, accumulating mana to use the ability. Few champions have not mana, but their attacks have additional effects.

Items in TFT

There are eight basic items in the Teamfight Tactics, and 8 various combinations with each of them. So we have 36 items in total. Each item has its effect, that besides direct increasing of the characteristics give an additional effect to the item holder.

tft items

In the game, you will have to receive an item during the PvE rounds, and the most hateful thing in the Teamfight Tactics – is RNG. After the third PvE round, you may have as 0 as 5 items, so the RNG thing is too random.

The item will be automatically upgraded on a champion, as soon as he will have 2 basic items. But you can receive that item back only by selling a unit. So think twice before giving an item to the champion, it could ruin the whole game.

Drafting round in TFT

teamfight tactics drafting round

Drafting round is something new, in all previous Auto Battlers, you will not see anything even similar to it. All eight players are teleported to the central island, where they are closed in the small zones. Once in 10 seconds, two players are being released, to choose a champion that will fit their initial composition. Players with the least HP are starting sooner, so it is a quite nice comeback mechanic. Do you need one particular champion to increase his level or to gain a synergy? Just pick him. Do you need some item that could bring you up from the losing streak? Just pick it up.

The best Aghanim’s Scepters for Supports in Dota 2

Supports with Aghanim: Which one is the best to boost rank in Dota 2?

The next Aghanims are very well for the next heroes, but you may need some situational items before chasing the core item. These heroes are:

  • Abaddon;
  • Ancient Apparition;
  • Elder Titan;
  • Grimstroke;
  • Lion;
  • Shadow Demon;
  • Shadow Shaman;
  • Undying;
  • Warlock;
  • Witch Doctor.

Abaddon – Greatest healer of all times in Dota 2

Aghanim upgrade: Increases duration of the Borrowed Time. All allies, in the range 1600 of Abaddon, that are taking more than 525 damage receive a free Mist Coil.

This situation is very similar to Disruptor’s one, Abaddon will never have gold for this item, but it could turn the whole fight and bring you a victory in those scenarios where everything else seems pointless and useless.

abaddon dota 2

So if you will find some gold for it, it would be an awesome addition to this champion.

Ancient Apparition – Will prevent any healing

Aghanim upgrade: Increases the duration of the Ultimate up to the 17 seconds

In most games where you need to pick Ancient Apparition, you will need this item. It is the ultimate counter tool for any self-healing heroes (Morphling, Alchemist, Dragon Knight and etc.). But if you love to play Single Draft, then you must tell by the game situation and by the enemy’s team composition.

AA dota 2

Another good suggestion that may be good is to pick AA as a mid laner. Many boosters from are picking Apparition, because of his laning strength.

Elder Titan – Nothing will interrupt you

Aghanim upgrade: While Elder Titan is casting echo stomp he became magic immun, and he will receive additional 2 seconds of spell immunity for the each hero he affected with the stomp.

It is hard to underestimate this Aghanim’s Scepter. Elder’s Titan Echo Stomp is the strongest CC spell in Dota 2, that may disable you up to the 5 seconds. So what could be better than the item that is making this spell uninterruptable?

Elder Titan dota 2

Imagine the situation when you hit 25 level, and chose the talent for +500 damage before waking up. With a single stomp, you could win the whole fight, and no one could stop you from casting it.

Grimstroke – Will kill you with your own hands

Aghanim upgrade: Additional spell – Dark Portrait, that creates an illusion of a targetted enemy, which deals 150% damage, have Spell Immunity and taking 350% of incoming physical damage.

With this Aghanim, Grimstroke will become a nightmare for the most agile carries in the Dota 2. 150% of Terrorblade or Morphling could destroy the whole enemy team if he will not be focused fast enough.

Grimstroke dota 2

And never forget that you could use it in your ultimate to create two imbalanced illusions that will carry the whole fight for you.

Lion – The fearsome finger of death

Aghanim upgrade: Increases damage of the Finger of Death, decreases cooldown and causing it hit to all units in a small area.

The best item for Lion that you need to rush as soon as possible, especially if you are playing at a second or a third position. Aghanim Ultimate could be used even as a defensive and outpushing tool to delete a wave of creeps, the cooldown is only 20 seconds at 18 level.

Lion dota 2

The main reason for Lion to rush this item – the Aghanim’s Scepter decreases cooldown, giving you an opportunity to collect more stacks of ultimate to annihilate all supports with one button.

Shadow Demon – The ultimate purge

Aghanim upgrade: Demonic purge gain three charges, each of them replenish every 60 seconds. Also causes Demonic Purge to apply the Break effect (disable enemy’s passives effects).

You need to rush this item if you have an opponent with incredibly strong passives. But even if enemies do not have enough strong passive, Shadow Demon is an extremely good champion who benefits a lot from the Aghanim’s Scepter.

Shadow Demon dota 2

But in most other cases the Aghanim will be a nice choice for Shadow Demon since it is a Black King Bar piercing slow and strong dispell, many heroes will suffer from it, from Wind Ranger to the Phantom Assassin.

Shadow Shaman – The best zoning ultimate

Aghanim upgrade: Serpent Wards have a split shot, each of the ward attacking two targets with the increased attack range.

The ultimate zoning tool. Literally, no one would love to fight in the range of attack of Serpent Wards, so Shadow Shaman could easily claim extremely major map objectives, from Roshan to Barracks.

Shadow Shaman dota 2

Ether Shock will give you a nice chance to farm this item, but you need to rush it only after Aether Lens or Blink Dagger.

Undying – Will soak all your strength

Aghanim upgrade: Increases strength steal from 3 to 10.

The incredibly strong artifact, but the main problem that you could not find enough resources if you playing as pos 4-5 Undying.

undying dota 2

Only Hard Laners could choose the right talents and accumulate enough gold to buy this Scepter, so it is wort only A-tier.

Warlock – Endless stun with two devastating golems

Aghanim upgrade: Casuses Chaotic Offering to summon two golems with slightly reduced strength and bounty. The second golem is summoning with the stun after 0.4 seconds from the first golem.

Massive AoE chain stun, extremely powerful demons that are useful not only in pushing lanes but also in zoning supports from the battlefield.

Warlock dota 2

And never forget about BKB piercing stun, that could be used to win some times for your core mages before they could use spells. Warlock’s best and classical item build.

Witch Doctor – The true potential of Death Ward

Aghanim upgrade: Death Ward attacks never miss and bounce between multiple enemies.

Awesome destruction tool, especially if enemies do not have enough of CC abilitites. This ward will win any teamfight, even if you will hold it just for 3-4 seconds.

Witch Doctor dota 2

But remember that you need other artifacts like Glimmer’s cape or BKB to open the full potential of Witch Doctor ultimate ability.


god tier overwatch heroes

Lucio is Iron Man now

Even when you’re a fan-favorite Overwatch enthusiast, sometimes you would like to fill some larger superhero boots maybe even boots. Jonny Cruz, voice performer for service music and hero celebrity Lúcio, must get a fast jog as the one and only Iron Man through a meeting.

On the series, Paulsen invites additional voice actors to discuss their adventures and make wild scenes with their abilities.

In a recent installment, Paulsen allows Cruz browse through a stunning scene between Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Iron Man, also called Tony Stark. Cruz decides to read Stark’s traces as Lúcio, and Paulsen goes together with all the high-pitched voice of Carl out of Jimmy Neutron to depict Parker.

Overwatch Lucio Iron Man

The outcome is a really odd interaction.

Hearing Lúcio’s positive, upbeat musical voice preserved during a whole serious scene about betrayal is both a humorous and slightly-terrifying point to behold. Paulsen fractures a couple of occasions and remarks on how much a”badass” Cruz is attempting to be.

Could this be an indication of a future striking turn for Lúcio? Just how much both voice actors devolve into bliss from the end of the scene, that appears suspicious.

god tier overwatch heroes

Overwatch: Champions Tiers | Best heroes to promote your rank

Overwatch character Ranking | God Tier Heroes

This listing is not definitive, but the meta is pretty ok right now, so most of the heroes listed below will be useful only on the right map or in some situations.

God Tier | Overwatch best Tanks

Tanks. Let’s begin with the heroes that must soak damage and call all the attention of the enemies on their massive shields.

reinhardt god tier overwatch tank

The most popular tank is Reinhardt, and this is not surprising. His 2k HP shield, charge, that could eliminate most of the supports and damage dealers, and melee attacks with an impressive cone just could not be ignored in Overwatch competitive games. Reinhardt’s ultimate could turn the fight if you will use it in the right moment.

Zarya and D.Va share the second place. These two off-tanks are enjoyable and pretty strong (especially Zarya with 100% power). DVa must be used if you do not have enough initiation, so you could break through your enemies and bring chaos into their ranks. Zarya is always a good choice to save some allies or to combine your ult with anyone else (Just imagine the massacre that could make Hanzo’s ultimate, or Junkrat’s RIP-tire).

God Tier | Overwatch best Supports

After these nerfs to Mercy, the new queen claimed the throne. Ehm, two queens, to be sure, and I can not tell you which of them is stronger.

doomfist god tier overwatch dps

First – is Ana Amary. The mother of Pharah have a great arsenal of abilities to control some noisy enemies, to quickly heal a group of allies and even to cancel dangerous ultimates (Hello McCree!). Just make sure that you know how to aim to play her right! She is a quite skill-based hero, and you NEED to have a great aim to heal allies. Yes in the alternative fire Ana has a hitscan, but you will use this regime only to aim for the little and fast heroes like Tracer and Pharah. And sometimes it is a pure pain in the arse to hit them with the healing syringe.

Second – Moira. Great damage, awesome heal, what you need else? Her ability to quickly heal the group of allies in the great AoE, and her aimless primary fire could bring a lot of pros to you. Such anti-support heroes like Tracer or Genji are quite easy targets for Moira. But her ultimate is the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen. A giant laser beam that greatly heals and deals a ton of damage, and pierce through all types of barriers. Sound balanced? I think not, but Overwatch developers must know better.

God Tier | Overwatch best DPS

The holy trinity of every Overwatch competitive match – Doomfist, Hanzo, Junkrat. These are incredibly strong heroes that could deal an impressive amount of damage to smite enemies in a second.

moira god tier overwatch support

Doomfist is the strongest DPS hero in the right hands, due to his ability to blitz around the battlefield and one-shot opponents with his deadly punches. Enemies would now forgive your mistakes, so make sure that you played a few hours before starting ranking mode, to warm up. In his hands, Doomfist holds the game-changing power, so everyone who interested in overwatch boost should master this champion.

Hanzo’s new mobility in a pair with the ability to one-shot a bunch of heroes brings him to the top tier of Overwatch heroes. He is extremely difficult, but if you could control your aim you will be rewarded. His ultimate could bring chaos into the enemies and quickly split them. And while they are divided your team must deal with them.

Junkrat is still the strongest representative of the DPS role, thanks to his insane burst damage, that could break meta barriers and make such Tank heroes useless. Junkrat is an incredibly agile hero and players meet a struggle with dealing with his constant spam of grenades.


There are the strongest heroes in the Overwatch Season 13, but that doesn’t mean that you could not promote yourself with anyone else. Overwatch has a great balance, thanks to the developers, so if you really like some hero, just pick him and enjoy the game. If you have enough time, then you could easily climb to the desired Overwatch rank.


Get heads of your enemies with awesome Darius guide from Moba Fans!

I have played League of Legends since year , and also have mained toplane since season two. My next greatest part is midlane. Ever since year 3 I have been high Diamond and spanned Challenger multiple year’s. League of Legends has ever been my primary sport, the most entertaining component of this game is not learning , there’s always something fresh.

I have largely been stuck with playing Riven at soloQ but also have some competetive expertise, I have played some different group’s in my state and always really appreciated the competetive element of the game.

If u have any queries or just need to see me perform, u can have a look at my Twitch channel. I am trying my very best to educate toplane/midlane to everybody who’s interested!

Darius has been among the finest Champion at The Toplane for a little while, which will not change that quickly for a lot of reasons. He does not have poor matchups, and contrary to other bruisers that he is a really strong choice against Tanks.

Darius is fantastic for Carry’ng and Growing in SoloQ, and he’s a really Straightforward Champion so u can concentrate on the game rather than Mechanics your Champion.

Amazing Darius guide

He’s great in each state of this match. From the Lanephase if performed right you could always catch a kill or perhaps 1v2 your lane competitor as well as the enemy jungler. Midgame you may begin to try to find small teamfights and if you figure out how to ult down someone you completly ruin the remainder of the teamfight. Last but not least Lategame, you’ll have lots of Sustain and Health you’re nearly just like a tank but you still have that Juicy 1k Ult Damage for everybody.

+Decent Scaling

+1v2 Possible when getting ganked

+High Carry Possible

-Could get Kited

-Low Mobility


Length: Hemorrhage

Darius intends his strikes strategically, inducing his goal to bleed. This effect pops up to five times. Enemies that reach maximum Hemorrhage induce Darius to obtain Noxian Might, significantly raising his harm.

Q: Decimate
Darius winds up and swings his axe in a full circle. Enemies struck by the blade require more harm than those struck from the deal. Darius heals according to enemy winners struck from the blade.

After a brief delay, Darius strikes his axe around himself, hitting enemies in its path. Enemies struck from the axe’s blade accept 40/70/100/130/160 (+105% incentive Strike Damage) physical harm. Enemies struck by the manage take 35% damage (doesn’t employ Hemorrhage).
Darius heals for 12 percent of the lost Health per enemy winner hit from the blade (maximum: 36 percent ).

W: Crippling Strike
Darius’s next attack strikes an enemy’s artery. As they bleed outside, their Movement Speed is slowed.

Darius’s next Standard attack deals 0 bodily damage and slows the target by 90 percent for 1 minute (s).Crippling Strike prices its Mana cost and 50 percent of its cooldown in case it kills the goal

E: Apprehend
Darius hones his demeanor, passively inducing his bodily harm to dismiss a proportion of his goal Armor. When triggered, Darius frees his enemies with his axe’s hook and brings him.

Passive: Darius profits 10/15/20/25/30percent Armor Penetration.

Lively: Pulls in most enemies facing Darius and impedes them by 40 percent for 1 minute (s).

R: Noxian Guillotine

Darius jumps to an enemy winner and strikes a deadly blow, coping true harm. This harm is raised for every pile of Hemorrhage on the goal. In case Noxian Guillotine is a killing blow, then its cooldown is refreshed to get a short duration.

Leaps to target enemy winner and strikes a deadly blow, coping 100/200/300 (+75% incentive Attack Damage) accurate harm. For every pile of Hemorrhage about the goal, Noxian Guillotine deals an extra 20 percent damage.
Maximum Damage: If Noxian Guillotine reaches the goal, it could possibly be re-cast free of charge within 20 seconds.At position 3, Noxian Guillotine unlocks – its cooldown resets completely on kills and it’s has a Mana price.


Overwatch Summer Games will come back at the beginning of the august!

Would you like summer? Would you like games? If that is true, you’re going to be delighted with Overwatch’s Summer Games events coming on August 9th.

Lucio Ball will, as always, be front and centre. The statement from Blizzard has everybody’s favourite DJ engaging in a rousing round of Lucio Ball, but we could also anticipate a round of fresh skins alongside the function. The very first season of Lucio Ball gave us Olympics themed skins, and also the next year awarded personalities more generically summertime based appearances, such as a Widowmaker skin in which her visor is substituted with some snazzy colors.

Summer games overwatch

The activity inside this year’s Summer Games will be happening at Busan Stadium, Korea. We might also receive a rules modification to help keep the activity from the match mode fresh and aggressive.

Useful tip: you can buy overwatch boosting and participate in playing summer games while a booster is out of your account because it won’t affect your rank!

We can anticipate additional specifics concerning the Summer Games occasion in the forthcoming days. All makeup from the preceding two years will be unlocked in a discount price, together with some fresh goodies.


ESL One Katowice – Grand Final

Grand-Final | Vs. Vici Gaming

Greetings! Today I will tell you about the Grand final of ESL One Katowice Major. Two teams will participate for 400 thousand dollars and 750 Dota Pro Circuit points. These teams are:

  • Vici Gaming

In this tournament, these teams are already meet on the battlefield and Chinese team crushed Russian Bears. Could famous “China Slayers” and “The last hope of the CIS region” win against Vici Gaming and claim the reward for the 1st place? I want to remind that the champions of the last Major from ESL in Hamburg were


There were 4 beautiful games where Russian bears – showed a great team play and their perfect knowledge of the game. The “Chinese Slayers” protected their title and overcome Vici Gaming with the 3-1 score.


Results of the ESL One Katowice Major:

  • 1. – $400.000 and 750 DPC points;
  • 2. Vici Gaming – $200.000 and 450 DPC points;
  • 3. Team Liquid – $120.000 and 225 DPC points;
  • 4. Fnatic – $80.000 and 75 DPC points;
  • 5-6. Team Secret and Evil Geniuses – $50.000;
  • 7-8. OG and Newbee – $20.000;
  • 9-12. Mineski / Optic Gaming / Team Kinguin / LGD gaming – $10.000;
  • 13-16. Effect / compLexite Gaming / Infamous / Natus Vincere – $5.000.


io dota 2

Io | Most Questinable hero in Dota 2

Io’s Future in Dota

With a significant margin, Io has the lowest winrate of all time in public, sitting just below 40%. Despite this historical minimum, he nevertheless has the potential to be the best choice in skillful hands. It was the fifth hero banned during the main and group stages at The International 2017, thanks to its strong implementation from Virtus.Pro and Team Liquid.

The fact is that Io is not a suitable hero for most pub players. He, like Chen, needs a certain micro control, coordinated actions of the team and the player with a sharp knowledge of the map and a sense of play. Over the past month in games below five thousand MMR, the Io’s win rate ranges from 37.26% to 40.68%. In games above five thousand, the percentage of victories reaches 47.88%. The hero is unpopular, suffering at high-level games and even many professional teams do not play this hero so well that the hero flies to the permanent ban at the first stage. Is it time to change something?


Why Io feels uncomfortable in pub games?

Io – one of those heroes, which should not be played in a state of intoxication, because otherwise, you can make some really scary mistakes. Relocate can send two heroes to certain death due to a single player error. The abilities of Io require that people work in tandem to coordinate movements, beat opponents, find the enemy on the lines, know when it is possible to back off.

io winrate

A pub player choosing Io may be aware of the tactic, but the team should also be aware of the entire system. And when the “ball” is the third least popular hero, with a pick rate of 1.9%, there is a huge chance that your team does not have a rich game experience with Io. Compare him to Lich, who does not care who his partner is on the line. All he needs to do is use Sacrifice and throw random Frost Blast. The line is won. 54% of victories.

Then, for some reason, the inhabitants of the pub play on Io on the wrong line. Io standing on an easy lane in 47.46% of games, where he ranks second in the lowest winrate (the lowest – roaming, 23.12%). The easy line is safe and with a lot of other support heroes that provide this very security better than our hero. Io, paired with the right characters, has unique advantages that players can take advantage of on the top or middle line (45.4% winrate).

Why will Io never be strong in pub games?

The same reasons that make him difficult to use are also his main advantages that it has against its opponents. Firstly, Splitpush is very strong in most pubs. Tricky players on Nature’s Prophet have long used the ability to navigate the line online and do dirty deeds. But Io, together with a hero like Tiny, can be more effective in implementing a split at the end of the game. This kind of mobility is very imbalanced, which is why the ball continues to be the top-ban hero for teams that can use him at full strength, as they will always have a way to win the game, even when there is almost no chance.

io tetherer

Secondly, in pubs, players rarely move or switch to other lines in the first five minutes of the match and do not play the Io + Tiny combo, which really scares every middle player. Roles before the game are chosen very quickly and often quite rashly. One person claims that he will go to the difficult lane and the other that he will go to the middle, but rarely they stipulate that they will have to change their lines or cooperate in case the match is picked up incorrectly or there are any shortcomings in the peak. It usually happens that they die at least once before the team recognizes that the line needs help.

The game against Tiny + Io requires preparation, a little foresight, an awareness of when it is dangerous or safe to appear on one or another line. All these factors can be too many, which can be asked in pubs, and sometimes even in professional games. The coL team recently played a qualification in StarLadder Invitational, using this duo of heroes to win. Their attempt was crowned with success.

The light spirit is so unpopular that most players are usually driven by the mechanics of this hero. A bundle of Tiny and Io can feel very comfortable, but Io also has other strong pairs that, when underestimated, can show themselves very strongly: Bristleback, Necrophos, Sven and Legion Commander, and some more common characters that can be used in pubs.

TI7 Aegis of the Immortal

Kuroky | Thoughts about career after TI7

Life after TI7 | Kuroky

How does a person that has reached the goal of his life feel himself? How to set up to fight the team that was a step away from throwing away from the tournament? For the site – Kuro Salehi Takasomi tell about the way Team Liquid on TI7 and about his feelings after the victory.

It’s hard to describe what The International is, to a person who is not interested in e-sports.

The easiest way to compare TI with the Super Bowl, but there is only one match. The International is an endless Super Bowl. The struggle does not stop for a second, every action you take is watched by thousands of spectators in a crowded arena and millions around the globe on their screens.

Kuroky is the captain of Team Liquid, since 2015. He helped to recruit players into the squad, many of them at that time were relatively little known. Now everything is different.

Ivan Borislavov (MinD_ContRoL) Ivanov is a world-class off-line player. Lasse (MATUMBAMAN) Urpalainen is an amazing carry, charging us with his enthusiasm and gay pals. In 2016, we signed Amera (Miracle-) Al-Barkavi, a 20-year-old Jordanian who was the first in Dota 2 to take 9.000 points of solo-rating, and in the same year, Maroon (GH) Merhei joined Team Liquid – a great support, who added depth of our draft.

TI7 | Bad day for Team Liquid

Before the tournament, the captain felt very confident. They finished the performance in groups with the score 13-3 and went to the playoffs as favorites. They knew that if they just played our Dota, nobody would stop us. We just needed to do what we can.

Kuroky was almost 100% sure that this is their year.

And then Liquid lost in the first match of the grid.

Yes, they lost two maps to Invictus Gaming. But Liquid were not so bad, but eventually ended up in the bottom grid. Now, to win, they had to win 6 series in a row. I do not underestimate the merits IG – they are a great team, they played without fear, whereas Team Liquid was too conservative. They managed to surprise all with an unusual strategy that everybody respect.

Rehabilitation of the Liquids

The International is the main goal of every player in DotA. Subconsciously, Kuroky is thinking about The International constantly, and this obsession can knock anyone off when you finally get to this tournament. In the morning, before the match, he looked at his team and realized: something is wrong. They were not uninhibited, as usual. In none of the previous tournaments, he never feels such a fear of a mistake.

At the first glance on GH, Kuroky can see that he is nervous, it was his first The International. Team Liquid was not ready for a struggle and paid for this.

And this is normal. Teams on TI regularly break down under pressure, it’s even a kind of tradition. But captain’s task was to free the players from their own thoughts. During the interview, Kuroky always stayed calm, people know this Kuroky. But after that defeat, he knew that he needed to show his other side, one that others rarely see, add rigidity to wrest us from this prostration.

Captain arranged a long conversation with players. And by “conversation” I rather mean “speech”. It is unnatural for him to raise voice; from the outside, it usually seems like he forcing himself, but when Kuroky screams – his team immediately listens. “Wow, Kuro yells, something will happen.”

If Kuroky learned something from a long career in Dota, so this is the fact that there is nothing more important than good teamwork. Of course, players should be talented, disciplined, but if you got on The International, then it’s not even discussed. Everyone at this tournament knows what he is doing. When you fight with 17 of the best teams in the world for a prize fund of $ 24 million, you do not need additional motivation. And since everyone there is incredibly strong, the level of the game, in itself – does not play such a big role. The winners of the losers are not distinguished by the ability to behave in the hands, but the ability to co-exist with their teammates.

TI7 Liquids

Leadership, interaction, teamwork – that’s what determines the champion. Do your teammates trust each other? Will they not attack each other after an insulting defeat? Can you organize a team when someone makes a mistake in a gang or dies out of position? Can you keep the mood when the opponent comes forward, or drown in the negative? Of course, these phrases sound like cliches, but everyone who played at this level knows that this is the case. You can have the highest MMR in the world, but if you can not play with the team as a whole – you obviously lost.

So, when the guys did not find their place after the defeat from IG, Kuroky told them – “all your problems in your head, do not doubt your skill.” You can not let The International intimidate you. Yes, in fact, this tournament is very frightening, but thinking about the arena, what is at stake is tantamount to suicide. In fact, you need to deceive yourself, make you believe that this is just another tournament. “Do not think about winning! Just try to perform well. ” Because if you do it, everything else will fall into place.

Preparations for the TI7 Finals

Kuroky is an ordinary person, and also prone to fears and doubts. He visited seven The International, took second place in 2013, was in the top 8 in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Aegis became the goal of his life, and as a leader, he was able to look at things from the other side and understand the feelings young teammates who were not completely ready for this race.

“Guys, listen, I lost this tournament 6 times. And I’m not afraid to lose in the seventh, so do not be afraid either. We played a lot of tournaments together, and this one is just one of them. “

When you’re afraid to fly out, you’ll fall right in the dirt – which happened to the Team Liquid against IG. But on the other hand, one thing I can say for sure: when Team Liquid is playing for fun, they are the strongest team in Dota 2 in the world.

Kuroky captain

The next day we had a game against Team Secret, against them they always played well. In the first game, however, Liquids were simply destroyed. Everyone played badly, everything turned out disgusting. They should be charged with energy to play easily and freely, as they usually do. In the end, Liquids did not have a choice. If they did not play as usual, they would go home.

They win two maps in a row and got a ticket to the next stage of the tournament. From now on, they have kept a balance in every aspect of the game. Team Liquid defeated Team Empire,, and then successively beat LGD and LGD.ForeverYoung. So they ended up in the grand finale with Newbee.

TI7 Aegis of the Immortal

In the end, they defeated them, with a score of 3-0, which happened for the first time in the history of TI. The best way was to reach the final, where they deserved to be. When we went to the game, I noticed how my guys are driving the crowd. After the first game, leaving the booth, MATUMBAMAN ran his hands across his throat in front of the camera.

“I know it’s hard to believe – there’s still a whole season ahead and a lot of other Dota 2 tournaments – but all my thoughts about The International. I tried to convince myself to live for today, I understand that such an obsession is not good, but in my case, everything went too far.

I am reassured by the knowledge that I am not alone in my thoughts. I am happy to play in the most hardworking, most magnanimous team in the world. Team Liquid is a truly unique team, they responded to each victory or defeat with diligence, discipline and mutual assistance. It’s an honor for me to be their captain, and we are ready for everything that awaits us ahead. The victory on The International was incredible. I knew that it would be so. But these guys made this victory really special.”

The international 2017

The International 2017 | Grand Final | Newbee vs Liquid

Good evening! It’s time for the decisive match of The International 2017. In a series of up to three wins, Team Liquid will compete against the Chinese NewBee – the winner will take home Aegis and the biggest prize fund in the history of e-sports, which is more than $ 10,000,000.

Newbee vs Liquid | 1st Map

Nature’s Prophet from MinD_ContRoL again abruptly starts the game on its signature hero, killing kpii on the Batrider! Immediately after this, team gathering at the mid lane, where Liquid manages to make two kills and kill the courier. The European team dominates the lanes, the score is 6 : 0. NewBee respond with a gank on the Troll Warlord (Miracle), but after losing three heroes on the bottom lane. Summing up the subtotals – after 10 minutes “Liquids” lead with 11: 2 score and with more than six thousand gold. Roshan is under protection, but the courier again dies.

The game is calmed down a bit, and then each time loses two heroes. Liquid killed the Bloodseeker (Moogy), took the tower and went to Roshan. NewBee do not have time to stop them and just lose three more heroes. Aegis helps the European five to increase the advantage. Nevertheless, it’s not easy for them to go to the high ground, they lose several heroes. But with the third attempt, Liquid manages to send several heroes to the tavern, destroy one side and switch to the second one. The Chinese Newbee are forced to surrender.

ti7 finals - map 1

Newbee vs Liquid | 2nd Map

Ancient Apparition (KuroKy) turned out to be very far away, and Anti-Mage (Moogy) makes an important kill. By the third minute, NewBee are managed to make a kill on the each lane. Alchemist (Miracle) goes into the jungle, but he’s again overtaken by Queen of Pain (Sccc), and it’s 4 : 0. The Chinese dominate the whole map but do not so much overcome the opponents in gold only because of the Miracle on Alchemist. Liquid continues to make many mistakes and give away the initiative.

Newbee finally could manage to perform a kill of the Alchemist (Miracle), once again slowing down his farm. The other two Liquid’s heroes are very seriously behind their opponents. Nevertheless, they find it possible to gather up – for example, they managed to destroy the T2 at the top and Sand King (kaka). The NewBee released a little their grip on the Liquid’s head, and they use this opportunity to improve the situation.

However, the Chinese are still ahead – in the absence of Alchemist (Miracle), they manage to exchange one hero for three enemies. However, Liquid answers very cool, taking Roshan: NewBee did not have time to prepare for the fight and lost it, losing most of their heroes. Suddenly Alchemist (Miracle) became very strong and with two lives decides to go on the high ground.

The team from the Middle Kingdom as a result of several errors in the defense loses the side and three buybacks, but the fight at the base still conducts very unsuccessfully. Now Liquid wins 9000 gold. And now nobody can stop them – Alchemist (Miracle) comes on the second side, and Anti-Mage (Moogy) as a result remains without a buyback. NewBee forced to surrender.

ti7 finals - map 2

Newbee vs Liquid | 3rd Map

Gh on Earthshaker changed lane, killed Sand King (kaka) and get gold for the first blood. NewBee perfectly act on the top line and capture the initial advantage. Death Prophet (Sccc) at the bottom takes the tower, Juggernaut (Miracle) responds by killing Centaur Warrunner (kpii). The game is very equal, but the Chinese’s advantage is their push potential. However, when they trying to take away the central t1 they lose two heroes.

Liquid beat off all enemies – once again after the loss of two heroes they manage not only to deff T2 in the top, but also to catch up with two enemies. Then there is a one-to-one exchange, but the “Liquids” themselves take the tower on top. At the 19th minute, Earthshaker (GH) made a mistake at the center – it’s not only two deaths, but also the opportunity for NewBee to kill Roshan. However, the embattled representatives of the Celestial Empire for some reason do not rush, which plays into the hands of the opponent.

Sand King (kaka) is acting controversially, – NewBee respond with a frag on Juggernaut (Miracle). Then follows the exchange of 1 in 1, the Chinese led 4 thousand on gold. The Chinese try to go to Roshan in a smoke and exchange it for T2, but Liquid guessed it and could break into the roshpit. Magnificent fight, minus four and Aegis – and immediately after that the European five takes t3 at the center.

Liquid returns to destroy T3 on the bot, but lose three heroes in exchange for one, although they are still leading five thousand on gold. At the next attack, they manage to kill two characters and to force them to buy back. The teams stand near Roshan in anticipation of the decisive battle. As a result, NewBee caught, but could not kill (there was only 100 hp) Juggernaut (Miracle) and paid for it – minus five.

ti7 finals - map 3

The European team takes Roshan and going to take barracks. Another team fight – and the game is over. This is 3 : 0, the Kuro team wins the International 2017!