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Little Legends: detailed info about Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics – the new word in Auto Battlers

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is the new game mode for the most popular game – League of Legends, in the genre of the Auto Battler. Here I will explain why everyone goes mad of this game so much, that created 12 hours-long queues in the PBE server. With the releasing of the ranked games the interest in the TFT boosting increased dramatically, so if you are looking for some, then I highly suggest next resource:,

Teamfight Tactics lol

Right now this game is released as a game mode, that is launching by the LoL client. There are no restrictions by the account’s level, so you could create an account especially for the TFT. That approach significantly decreased the development time, but do not give any possibilities for the mobile version.

In general, this game is extremely easy and interesting, but you will see that only after dozens of loss. And who love loses? So here I will tell you the basics that will decrease the learning curve so everyone could easily start play in this game.

Little Legends

Teamfight Tactics have seven player’s avatars, so-called Little Legends:

  • Water Sprite
  • Featherknight
  • Runespirit
  • Molediver
  • Haunting
  • Furyhorn
  • Silvering

TFT little legends

Everyone, except Water Spirit, has 6 various skins, and each of them has three progression levels. However, they are achievable only through the donations, so it is the only thing you may spend real money on. I assume that later other ways of achieving these skins will appear, but I can be wrong. Little Legend is used in the Draft (carousel) rounds, to open special Pirate chest and to show various emotions to trigger enemies.

Champions in TFT

One of the most interesting parts in League of Legends – is a great variety of champions in the game. More than 145 of them! And it is impossible to transfer all of them from the LoL to the TFT. So right now Teamfight Tactics have a roster of 50 champions. Recently Riot Games announced another champion that will be added to the game – Twisted Fate. The main goal of developers is to increase the champion pool up to the 60, adding one champion every two weeks, and then they will slow down.

Right now Champions in Teamfight Tactics has the next attributes:

  • Tier. All champions are divided into 5 categories: common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (violet), and legendary (orange). Various tiers have various cost from one to five coins.
  • Class. Ten various classes that could give synergy bonuses. Classes have interesting mechanics, for example, Sorcerers receive x2 mana per attack, and Assassins jump in the rare of an enemy.
  • Origin. 13 Origins that also give synergy bonuses. Origins are taken directly from LoL lore, so they are equal to the fractions of Runeterra. Noble – Demacia, Imperial – Noxus, etc.

Every champion is counted only once, and his duplicate will not be counted in calculations for the synergies bonus. But gathering duplicates is necessary to increase the level of a unit. Gather three one-star units and they will be upgraded into one two-star. The same rule is using for the three-star unit (3 two-star units are upgraded into one three-star).

TFT champions

The champion upgrade increases the next characteristics:

  • Health. When this indicator reaches zero, a champion leaves the battlefield.
  • Auto Attacks. Basic attacks that deal physical damage.
  • Attack speed. The number of attacks per second.
  • Attack Range. In TFT it calculated in Hexes.
  • Critical Chance. Chance to deal an additional 50% of physical damage. The base chance is 25%.
  • Armor. Decreases physical damage.
  • Magic resistance. Decreases magical damage.
  • Abilities. The skill used by a champion when he reaches 100 mana.
  • Mana. Champions are getting mana by dealing or receiving damage.

Most of the champions are fighting with the basic attacks, accumulating mana to use the ability. Few champions have not mana, but their attacks have additional effects.

Items in TFT

There are eight basic items in the Teamfight Tactics, and 8 various combinations with each of them. So we have 36 items in total. Each item has its effect, that besides direct increasing of the characteristics give an additional effect to the item holder.

tft items

In the game, you will have to receive an item during the PvE rounds, and the most hateful thing in the Teamfight Tactics – is RNG. After the third PvE round, you may have as 0 as 5 items, so the RNG thing is too random.

The item will be automatically upgraded on a champion, as soon as he will have 2 basic items. But you can receive that item back only by selling a unit. So think twice before giving an item to the champion, it could ruin the whole game.

Drafting round in TFT

teamfight tactics drafting round

Drafting round is something new, in all previous Auto Battlers, you will not see anything even similar to it. All eight players are teleported to the central island, where they are closed in the small zones. Once in 10 seconds, two players are being released, to choose a champion that will fit their initial composition. Players with the least HP are starting sooner, so it is a quite nice comeback mechanic. Do you need one particular champion to increase his level or to gain a synergy? Just pick him. Do you need some item that could bring you up from the losing streak? Just pick it up.