Get heads of your enemies with awesome Darius guide from Moba Fans!

I have played League of Legends since year , and also have mained toplane since season two. My next greatest part is midlane. Ever since year 3 I have been high Diamond and spanned Challenger multiple year’s. League of Legends has ever been my primary sport, the most entertaining component of this game is not learning , there’s always something fresh.

I have largely been stuck with playing Riven at soloQ but also have some competetive expertise, I have played some different group’s in my state and always really appreciated the competetive element of the game.

If u have any queries or just need to see me perform, u can have a look at my Twitch channel. I am trying my very best to educate toplane/midlane to everybody who’s interested!

Darius has been among the finest Champion at The Toplane for a little while, which will not change that quickly for a lot of reasons. He does not have poor matchups, and contrary to other bruisers that he is a really strong choice against Tanks.

Darius is fantastic for Carry’ng and Growing in SoloQ, and he’s a really Straightforward Champion so u can concentrate on the game rather than Mechanics your Champion.

Amazing Darius guide

He’s great in each state of this match. From the Lanephase if performed right you could always catch a kill or perhaps 1v2 your lane competitor as well as the enemy jungler. Midgame you may begin to try to find small teamfights and if you figure out how to ult down someone you completly ruin the remainder of the teamfight. Last but not least Lategame, you’ll have lots of Sustain and Health you’re nearly just like a tank but you still have that Juicy 1k Ult Damage for everybody.

+Decent Scaling

+1v2 Possible when getting ganked

+High Carry Possible

-Could get Kited

-Low Mobility


Length: Hemorrhage

Darius intends his strikes strategically, inducing his goal to bleed. This effect pops up to five times. Enemies that reach maximum Hemorrhage induce Darius to obtain Noxian Might, significantly raising his harm.

Q: Decimate
Darius winds up and swings his axe in a full circle. Enemies struck by the blade require more harm than those struck from the deal. Darius heals according to enemy winners struck from the blade.

After a brief delay, Darius strikes his axe around himself, hitting enemies in its path. Enemies struck from the axe’s blade accept 40/70/100/130/160 (+105% incentive Strike Damage) physical harm. Enemies struck by the manage take 35% damage (doesn’t employ Hemorrhage).
Darius heals for 12 percent of the lost Health per enemy winner hit from the blade (maximum: 36 percent ).

W: Crippling Strike
Darius’s next attack strikes an enemy’s artery. As they bleed outside, their Movement Speed is slowed.

Darius’s next Standard attack deals 0 bodily damage and slows the target by 90 percent for 1 minute (s).Crippling Strike prices its Mana cost and 50 percent of its cooldown in case it kills the goal

E: Apprehend
Darius hones his demeanor, passively inducing his bodily harm to dismiss a proportion of his goal Armor. When triggered, Darius frees his enemies with his axe’s hook and brings him.

Passive: Darius profits 10/15/20/25/30percent Armor Penetration.

Lively: Pulls in most enemies facing Darius and impedes them by 40 percent for 1 minute (s).

R: Noxian Guillotine

Darius jumps to an enemy winner and strikes a deadly blow, coping true harm. This harm is raised for every pile of Hemorrhage on the goal. In case Noxian Guillotine is a killing blow, then its cooldown is refreshed to get a short duration.

Leaps to target enemy winner and strikes a deadly blow, coping 100/200/300 (+75% incentive Attack Damage) accurate harm. For every pile of Hemorrhage about the goal, Noxian Guillotine deals an extra 20 percent damage.
Maximum Damage: If Noxian Guillotine reaches the goal, it could possibly be re-cast free of charge within 20 seconds.At position 3, Noxian Guillotine unlocks – its cooldown resets completely on kills and it’s has a Mana price.

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