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A Vault in the Deep | Siltbreaker Act II is postponed

Dota 2 | Campaign Mode

Siltbreaker Act II Postponed

According to Wykrhm Reddy in his Twitter, the second part of the campaign for the owners of the compendium will be postponed. If initially, the developers planned to release it in July, then due to the approaching The International 2017, it was decided to postpone the release for a later period.

Now the event, which is called the Vault in the depth, will be released right after the end of the world championship. Because of this, the Battle Pass action is extended until September 18, 2017.


Dota 2 is losing players

Despite the development of e-sports in general, new record sums of the prize fund of The International, the number of Dota 2 players is inexorably decreasing. Paying more attention to the commercial component of the game, the developers are less concerned about ordinary players, which could lead to a certain problem.

Dota 2 is Doomed?

dota loosing players

According to the service SteamCharts for the last month, online in Dota 2 has decreased by more than 10%. This is the second largest outflow of players in the history of Dota 2 (the first occurred in September 2015). However, this trend began in March 2016, and since then the average number of players is getting smaller and smaller (see the chart above). If a year ago, on July 2016, the average online was more than 638 thousand players, today this figure does not reach even 500 thousand. The only white spot in the past year was the release of the Battle Pass to The International 2017, after which the online players again crawled down.

Dota 2 dying

One of the main reasons for the slow (if not the reverse) development of Dota 2 is the complexity of the game process. In the latest updates, developers have made many changes that should facilitate the understanding of the game for beginners. Moreover, on the very The International 2017 Valve promise to make a separate stream for new Dota 2 players. But how are they going to keep the old audience?

Summing up

The sunset of this game was prophesied even before it was released, however, Dota 2 is still alive and popular, and the prize fund of the TI7 broke all records. But what if Valve will continue to lose players/profits?

lol boosting

All about Elo boosting | How much boosters make and How they win games

What is Elo boosting?

get boost

Elo boosting is an act of allowing a higher skilled player to log into your account to play matches until he boosts your account to a stronger Elo. If you Silver player, then for a few hundreds of pounds you could easily climb to Gold, Platinum or even Diamond. The higher your starting elo, the more time and money it will take to promote your account.

Elo boosting is one of these areas that don’t openly discussed. There are several reasons why people do not want to talk about Elo boosting because of:

  • it can ruin their reputation;
  • breaks the terms and conditions of League of Legends;
  • boosted customers do not want to admit that they spent a real money.

Long ago, when World of Warcraft was a new game that really fastly grow, there was a gray market for illegal gold farming. Thousands of peoples sitting playing World of Warcraft all day long, farming gold to sell for real money. However, elo boosting is a little different and much harder to stamp out.

League of Legends, Overwatch, and other popular games are just created for boosting services and can bring a lot of profits to the people who know how to set up the right business.

Why would someone buy a boost?

It was extremely hard to write this article because people just do not want to share this information or neglect the fact that they ever used lol boost. I found only one who shared this info, as he said he order a boost because he failed promotion games like six times, and then decided that it is not worth the headache.

Riot games are pretty bad in banning and tracking sold or boosted accounts, so almost no one worried about being banned. Some people worried more that their account being stolen, but these worries were groundless.

People are using boosting services to skip several steps in reaching new highs. For example, not everyone can play League of Legends in Gold+ level, but the Season’s reward are giving to everyone who achieved Gold or any higher Elo.

If you have low MMR or ELO then elo boosting is a great way to fix that. If you don’t have enough of time to promote your account just by yourself, then Elo boosting is a solution to your problem.

Why boosting services are so expensive?

elo boosting

People, who providing League of Legend Elo boosting services often surprise with the boosting’s cost. Boosting from bronze to gold could vary from 120 to 200 euro, depending on many factors, and boosting to Diamond can easily cost 500 euro.

If you ever wonder why this is so expensive, then you came to the right article. Here I will explain how prices are formed. You must understand that boosters need to have at least Diamond 1 elo, or any higher. The percentage of people that have Diamond 1 + elo is equal 0.01% of all League of Legends players. Around of 35.5 millions of people were registered in the League of Legend and only 3.5 thousands of them can do boosting. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Boosting services thinking about the safety of your accounts, and they hire only people who were not suspended even once. Every potential booster goes through the account confirmation stage because as we all know the honor is reset to zero, at the moment of suspension, and those people probably could not ever do any boosting.

Not everyone fits these requirements, and not every one of the players with high Elo would like to become a booster themselves. Regular boosters play from six to ten hours per day, to be able to quickly finish the orders.

Players that fit these requirements can be recruited hardly, because the only a smaller percentage of LoL players are able to do this work, and the smallest percentage of LoL players will spend time equal to working hours at usual jobs.

Do not forget about elo boosting website creation spendings, support and promotion into account.

How much do boosters make?

boosters profits

Not many League of Legends boosters share this info, but the Overwatch player Lucifer once said that he earnt more than 600 pounds per month. If the booster is a part of a wider boosting service then he will be able to boost multiple accounts and make much more money. The whole market was insane few years ago, and best boosters could earn from one thousand to three thousand in a WEEK boosting. These days are past long ago but boosting still can bring a lot of money. The game has progressed and the market saturated, now everyone lower prices. The average payment of booster with 80%+ win rates is about five pounds per hour.

A former League of Legends player said that aside from the money, it also made them feel good. It is just fun and makes you feel better and good about yourself. Having additional income while you having fun, playing in League of Legends, is super nice.

Today it is not as effective as it was before, but if you can get clients for themselves with orders to boost for Diamond+, without using some boosting services, it still could be super lucrative. If boosting someday became way closer to being allowed, all Diamond+ players will definitely spend all their days on it.

How do boosters win games?

First of all, all elo boosters are the real professionals with the really high skill. Every booster is great in creep slaining. And this is the first LoL mechanic that gives a lot of gold. Learn all the tricks, like attacking an enemy, when he trying to finish a minion, or give him a choice to hit you instead of slaying the minion. Also, you need to master the skill of creep slaining under the tower.

Elo boosters avoid all free damage. This is the main problem of all peoples in low divisions from Bronze to Gold. This skill as important as the creep slaining. If you lose HP you lose chances of creep slaying. Know the thin line in the minion slaying and avoiding free damage.

Know all champions that are strong at the moment, and all ways how to confront them. Professionals spend a lot of time analyzing the game at different divisions to know the most popular champions, items, buildes. After these researches, they can predict with a high accuracy what champion they oppose in future games, and which items they will build. A champion pick is not as important as your ability to play right as the chosen champion.

Know how to snowball. After accumulating the starting strength and winning the first team fight some players start to play less aggressive, and they just lose their advantages. The right thing to do is to keep the non-stop pressure on the enemy team when you have an opportunity. This will lead to the further advantage. Boosters need to know how to affect not only the lane he belongs. Boosters often choose the Mid laner role, to use constant roaming to affect other lanes and carry the game.

Became a strong Leader. Seeing all opportunities to do the map objectives and leading peoples to completing them is an important thing in League of Legends. Elo boosters are strong leaders with a deep understanding of the game process.

Elo boosters are really great professionals with a gigantic experience that combined with the great League of Legends skill.