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Overwatch: Champions Tiers | Best heroes to promote your rank

Overwatch character Ranking | God Tier Heroes

This listing is not definitive, but the meta is pretty ok right now, so most of the heroes listed below will be useful only on the right map or in some situations.

God Tier | Overwatch best Tanks

Tanks. Let’s begin with the heroes that must soak damage and call all the attention of the enemies on their massive shields.

reinhardt god tier overwatch tank

The most popular tank is Reinhardt, and this is not surprising. His 2k HP shield, charge, that could eliminate most of the supports and damage dealers, and melee attacks with an impressive cone just could not be ignored in Overwatch competitive games. Reinhardt’s ultimate could turn the fight if you will use it in the right moment.

Zarya and D.Va share the second place. These two off-tanks are enjoyable and pretty strong (especially Zarya with 100% power). DVa must be used if you do not have enough initiation, so you could break through your enemies and bring chaos into their ranks. Zarya is always a good choice to save some allies or to combine your ult with anyone else (Just imagine the massacre that could make Hanzo’s ultimate, or Junkrat’s RIP-tire).

God Tier | Overwatch best Supports

After these nerfs to Mercy, the new queen claimed the throne. Ehm, two queens, to be sure, and I can not tell you which of them is stronger.

doomfist god tier overwatch dps

First – is Ana Amary. The mother of Pharah have a great arsenal of abilities to control some noisy enemies, to quickly heal a group of allies and even to cancel dangerous ultimates (Hello McCree!). Just make sure that you know how to aim to play her right! She is a quite skill-based hero, and you NEED to have a great aim to heal allies. Yes in the alternative fire Ana has a hitscan, but you will use this regime only to aim for the little and fast heroes like Tracer and Pharah. And sometimes it is a pure pain in the arse to hit them with the healing syringe.

Second – Moira. Great damage, awesome heal, what you need else? Her ability to quickly heal the group of allies in the great AoE, and her aimless primary fire could bring a lot of pros to you. Such anti-support heroes like Tracer or Genji are quite easy targets for Moira. But her ultimate is the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen. A giant laser beam that greatly heals and deals a ton of damage, and pierce through all types of barriers. Sound balanced? I think not, but Overwatch developers must know better.

God Tier | Overwatch best DPS

The holy trinity of every Overwatch competitive match – Doomfist, Hanzo, Junkrat. These are incredibly strong heroes that could deal an impressive amount of damage to smite enemies in a second.

moira god tier overwatch support

Doomfist is the strongest DPS hero in the right hands, due to his ability to blitz around the battlefield and one-shot opponents with his deadly punches. Enemies would now forgive your mistakes, so make sure that you played a few hours before starting ranking mode, to warm up. In his hands, Doomfist holds the game-changing power, so everyone who interested in overwatch boost should master this champion.

Hanzo’s new mobility in a pair with the ability to one-shot a bunch of heroes brings him to the top tier of Overwatch heroes. He is extremely difficult, but if you could control your aim you will be rewarded. His ultimate could bring chaos into the enemies and quickly split them. And while they are divided your team must deal with them.

Junkrat is still the strongest representative of the DPS role, thanks to his insane burst damage, that could break meta barriers and make such Tank heroes useless. Junkrat is an incredibly agile hero and players meet a struggle with dealing with his constant spam of grenades.


There are the strongest heroes in the Overwatch Season 13, but that doesn’t mean that you could not promote yourself with anyone else. Overwatch has a great balance, thanks to the developers, so if you really like some hero, just pick him and enjoy the game. If you have enough time, then you could easily climb to the desired Overwatch rank.